Kubernetes Tutorial for Beginners [Full Course in 4 Hours]

Kubernetes Tutorial for Beginners [Full Course in 4 Hours]

minikube is local Kubernetes

▬▬▬▬▬▬ T I M E S T A M P S ⏰ ▬▬▬▬▬▬ 0:00 - Intro and Course Overview 2:18 - What is K8s 5:20 - Main K8s Components 22:29 - K8s Architecture 34:47 - Minikube and kubectl - Local Setup 44:52 - Main Kubectl Commands - K8s CLI 1:02:03 - K8s YAML Configuration File 1:16:16 - Demo Project: MongoDB and MongoExpress 1:46:16 - Organizing your components with K8s Namespaces 2:01:52 - K8s Ingress explained 2:24:17 - Helm - Package Manager 2:38:07 - Persisting Data in K8s with Volumes 2:58:38 - Deploying Stateful Apps with StatefulSet 3:13:43 - K8s Services explained

▬▬▬▬▬▬ COURSE OVERVIEW 📚 ▬▬▬▬▬▬

🔥 What is Kubernetes 🔥 ► What problems does Kubernetes solve? ► What features do container orchestration tools offer?

🔥 Main K8s Components 🔥
► Node & Pod ► Service & Ingress ► ConfigMap & Secret ► Volumes ► Deployment & StatefulSet

🔥 K8s Architecture 🔥 ► Worker Nodes ► Master Nodes ► Api Server ► Scheduler ► Controller Manager ► etcd - the cluster brain

🔥 Minikube and kubectl - Local Setup 🔥 ► What is minikube? ► What is kubectl? ► install minikube and kubectl ► create and start a minikube cluster

🔗 Links:

🔥 Main Kubectl Commands - K8s CLI 🔥 ► Get status of different components ► create a pod/deployment ► layers of abstraction ► change the pod/deployment ► debugging pods ► delete pod/deployment ► CRUD by applying configuration file

🔗 Links:

🔥 K8s YAML Configuration File 🔥 ► 3 parts of a Kubernetes config file (metadata, specification, status) ► format of configuration file ► blueprint for pods (template) ► connecting services to deployments and pods (label & selector & port) ► demo

🔗 Links:

🔥 Demo Project 🔥 ► Deploying MongoDB and Mongo Express ► MongoDB Pod ► Secret ► MongoDB Internal Service ► Deployment Service and Config Map ► Mongo Express External Service

🔗 Links:

🔥 Organizing your components with K8s Namespaces 🔥 ► What is a Namespace? ► 4 Default Namespaces ► Create a Namespace ► Why to use Namespaces? 4 Use Cases ► Characteristics of Namespaces ► Create Components in Namespaces ► Change Active Namespace

🔗 Links:

🔥 K8s Ingress explained 🔥 ► What is Ingress? External Service vs. Ingress ► Example YAML Config Files for External Service and Ingress ► Internal Service Configuration for Ingress ► How to configure Ingress in your cluster? ► What is Ingress Controller? ► Environment on which your cluster is running (Cloud provider or bare metal) ► Demo: Configure Ingress in Minikube ► Ingress Default Backend ► Routing Use Cases ► Configuring TLS Certificate

🔗 Links:

🔥 Helm - Package Manager 🔥 ► Package Manager and Helm Charts ► Templating Engine ► Use Cases for Helm ► Helm Chart Structure ► Values injection into template files ► Release Management / Tiller (Helm Version 2!)

🔗 Links:

🔥 Persisting Data in K8s with Volumes 🔥 ► The need for persistent storage & storage requirements ► Persistent Volume (PV) ► Local vs Remote Volume Types ► Who creates the PV and when? ► Persistent Volume Claim (PVC) ► Levels of volume abstractions ► ConfigMap and Secret as volume types ► Storage Class (SC)

🔗 Links:

🔥 Deploying Stateful Apps with StatefulSet 🔥 ► What is StatefulSet? Difference of stateless and stateful applications ► Deployment of stateful and stateless apps ► Deployment vs StatefulSet ► Pod Identity ► Scaling database applications: Master and Worker Pods ► Pod state, Pod Identifier ► 2 Pod endpoints

🔥 K8s Services 🔥 ► What is a Service in K8s and when we need it? ► ClusterIP Services ► Service Communication ► Multi-Port Services ► Headless Services ► NodePort Services ► LoadBalancer Services


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