The Fastest Ways to Teach Yourself JavaScript

The Fastest Ways to Teach Yourself JavaScript

JavaScript,  the language known for “running the internet,” is entrenched in the programming world. Here are a few of the best ways to learn JavaScript.

JavaScript, the language known for “running the internet,” is deeply entrenched in the programming world. Created in 1995, it was first deployed as a frontend language and used to make websites interactive with features like drop-down menus, maps, forms, video players and modals. Since then, JavaScript has made a transition to the server side (as Node.js) and has earned respect as a powerful backend language in its own right.

Despite its vast applicability and extensive network of libraries, JavaScript is not an overly complex language. In fact, with its human-readable syntax and dynamic typing, it’s downright friendly. Let’s learn more about why it’s a great first (or second, or third) programming language along with some tips for assimilating it.

Why Learn JavaScript?

With more companies going remote and therefore more developers needed to build applications and websites, it’s clear that programming is an essential skill for the future. While JavaScript is the most widely used programming language, it’s not its popularity alone that makes it valuable to know. Let’s look at some other reasons why learning JavaScript is worth your time.

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