Why Big Things Have to Start Small

Why Big Things Have to Start Small

Big things start small because we can’t understand a complicated task unless we break it down into bite-size chunks. Our minds can process only one item at a time.

Big things start small because we can’t understand a complicated task unless we break it down into bite-size chunks. Our minds can process only one _item _at a time. We have to start small.

I read something similar in an interview where Jeff Bezos was discussing his experiences during Amazon’s growth phase. He said, “The biggest oak starts from an acorn, and if you want to do anything new, you’ve got to be willing to let that acorn grow into a little sapling and then finally into a small tree, and maybe one day it will be a big business on its own. We know that big things start small.”

Thinking of small beginnings, in 1995, according to Craig Stoltz, Jeff’s garage was his headquarters. When Craig visited Amazon for a story in The Washington Post, Jeff told him that he had been up late packing books with his wife.

Since I first heard this mantra, a year ago, it has affected my way of thinking and working. I am no longer overwhelmed by my urge to do something great in a single day. If I can persuade myself to take small steps in the right direction, it would allow me the flexibility of changing my strategy at the moment when I am not getting my required results.

Jeff Bezos knows about starting small as he has started many businesses since 1995. He has succeeded in some and failed in some. He owns more than sixteen successful companies, including The Washington Post, Blue Origin — his rocket company, Whole Foods, IMDb, Goodreads, Twitch, Audible, and many more.

He has nurtured multiple businesses from planting the seed till they became big oaks. Talking about his new ventures, he said, “Inside our culture, we understand that even though we have some big businesses, new businesses start out small .”

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