React.js — Basic Hooks (useState, useEffect, & useContext)

React.js — Basic Hooks (useState, useEffect, & useContext)

A gentle introduction into the three basic, and debatably most important, React.js hooks.

Preface — As one may be able to infer from the title of this article, this is not a comprehensive guide going over all of the hooks that can be utilized in the newer versions of React.js, but rather a general overview regarding the basic hooks that the majority of individuals interfacing with React.js will most likely encounter at one point or another. If you’re interested in a comprehensive list of all of the hooks that can be “hooked” into your React.js components (v16.13.1 as of the publishing of this article), please refer to the React.js docs. Also, if you’re not familiar with React.js, might I suggest checking out Ben Awad’s Practical React series on YouTube as a primer for your educational endeavors as this article assumes prior knowledge of React.js. Without further ado, I hope you enjoy!

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