Top 10 JavaScript Console Methods

Top 10 JavaScript Console Methods

The console object provides multiple methods to use. In this tutorial, you will learn uses of JavaScript console methods. 10 JavaScript Console Methods

A JavaScript method is a property containing a function definition. A Console method is an object used to access browsers debugging console. With the help of console methods, we can print messages, warning, and errors to browser console, which is helpful for debugging purpose.

The developer console in a web browser is a tool which logs the information associated with a web page, such as JavaScript, network requests, and security errors etc. To open the developer console window on Google Chrome, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + J (on Windows) or Ctrl + Option + J (on macOS).

The console object provides multiple methods to use. In this tutorial, you will learn uses of JavaScript console methods.

  1. LOG
  2. INFO
  3. WARN
  4. ERROR
  9. TABLE
  10. CLEAR

Here is basic details about all the above listed function and uses.

1. LOG

Use console.log() method to print a message on web console. It can print a string or any number of JavaScript objects. Instead of displaying anything on browser console, it logs messages to a debugging console.

console.log("Hello World");
console.log("Msg", obj1, obj2);


The function is used to display a message to the browser console. This is pretty similar to console.log but developers uses it for permanent messages to output to the console in there code."This is an information message");

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