Optimizing site speed and user experience for a popular online retailer by Evrone

Optimizing site speed and user experience for a popular online retailer by Evrone

The Evrone team helped TOPTOP.RU refactor Ruby backend and develop a new frontend SPA for the online store, as well as protect the website from a DDoS attack.

TOPTOP.RU is an online women's clothing store that combines different styles and trends, and focuses on providing quality service to its customers. They value marketing and product expertise, as well as understanding their audience’s interests and expectations. Therefore, many tasks that are usually outsourced are completed in-house, including product photography, design, work with analytics and promotion, and individual digital services for each client.

In 2019, the TOPTOP.RU team prepared new layouts for their website, which was a slow, monolithic RoR application. The revamp was designed to help customers find products faster and let them work more conveniently with the catalog.

The development team needed to preserve the existing functions and some of the old pages, while making a frontend based on the new layouts. We had experience both supporting and launching products in Ruby on Rails, and we were ready to get involved and treat the product as if it were our own.

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