React Native: Firebase Email Authenticaton in an Expo Project

React Native: Firebase Email Authenticaton in an Expo Project

On my journey on learning App development with React Native, i decide to try making a small and contained app that will service a unique…

How this app works

Basically, the app is composed of 3 screens in two navigation stacks. A stack holding the sign in and signup (not yet implemented) screens, a stack holding the home screen for logged in user. The app is started with a isLoading state active and a userLogged state to false; it will show a page loader, during this time with useEffect we will check the Firebase user state:

Firebase.auth().onAuthStateChanged((user) => {…})

if it changes and returns a user, then we set the isLoading to false and userLogged to true or false, based on the user object presence. The combination of these two values, allow us to show the correct stack.

If the user is logged the stack shows up with the home screen (that actually holds just a button to sign out and a button to switch theme), if the user is not logged it shows with a login screen that also has a link to sign up screen.

I built this project for future implementation in bigger apps that requires user login. This app also lacks error messages for wrong credentials and other things that could be easily implemented (code is commented)


Before start coding I created a new project on Firebase ( and added Authentication Service, I selected Email/Password as Sign-in method, I also created a test user:

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Then I copied the Firebase configuration from the project settings (gear icon on top left)

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