Building a web scraper with Selenium and BeautifulSoup4.

Building a web scraper with Selenium and BeautifulSoup4.

Building a web scraper with Selenium and BeautifulSoup4. How to automate annoying tasks with Python . Installing Requests and BeautifulSoup. Install pipenv first, and then: pipenv install requests beautifulsoup4.

I recently started to gain interest in web scraping, and I thought it would be fun to try and build something to learn some useful tools.

I needed a project to start, I thought about a problem I had from the first year of college: courses material download.

The Problem

My university website works pretty well, however all the courses material are organized in long trees of folders over folders and theres no bulk download capabilities nor there is a public API that I can take advantage of. Students have to manually download every file for every course they are attending. This require a lot of time to download and extract all the zip, especially when you have something like 6 to 10 courses.

The uni website makes use of the cursed Shibboleth(_Im shivering just by writing its name) _and of javascript dynamic rendering. You need to travel the website to find the links and the navigation is extremely cluttered. Using _only _is not an option.

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