8 Interesting Artificial Intelligence Projects in Python For Beginners [2021]

8 Interesting Artificial Intelligence Projects in Python For Beginners [2021]

in this article i will show you 8 interesting artificial intelligence projects in python for beginners [2020]

Studying artificial intelligence and machine learning  can be quite daunting. To help you, we have prepared the following article on artificial intelligence projects in Python.

Artificial Intelligence Projects in Python

1. Fake Review Detector

Everyone reads online reviews. Yelp, Trustpilot, Gripeo, and even Google My Business are well-known review sites where consumers come to check others’ reviews on businesses. However, some companies try to deceive customers by adding fake positive reviews. You can create a classifier that can recognize fake reviews and ensure that no fake reviews are allowed on the site.

2. Handwriting Recognizer

Computer vision is a central section of artificial intelligence. If you’re interested in using computer vision, then you can start with this project. Here, you have to create a solution that recognizes the handwritten content. You should be familiar with the basics of computer vision to work on this project.

3. Spoiler Blocker

In this project, you’d have to create a tool that identifies spam and blocks it automatically. It can be handy for discussion forums and platforms such as Reddit and Tumblr. We all hate spoilers, and if you’re interested in creating a tool related to media and entertainment, then this is the right project for you.

4. Spam Identifier

We have another natural language processing project for you. In this one, you have to create a tool that identifies spam content. Spam identifiers are commonplace these days. From Gmail to Truecaller, many devices use spam identifiers to streamline their user experience.

5. Traffic Analyzer

In this project, you’d have to build a traffic analyzing tool that suggests the optimal path for reaching a specific destination. The tool should check the different factors such as traffic density, length of a path, and the mode of travel while suggesting the right path to take.

6. Opinion Mining for Website

Sentiment analysis is among the most popular uses of artificial intelligence. In this project, you’d create a solution that analyses users’ comments about a website to see what’s the general opinion about that website.

7. Fire Detection and Localization Through Camera

You can create a solution that detects fire and localizes it through the surveillance cameras’ feeds. It’s an intermediate-level project, and you’d need to use CNN here.

8. Game Automator (T-rex Dino)

Nearly every internet user has played Google Chrome’s Dino game. It’s the game where you control a dino that runs continuously and has to avoid obstacles through jumping up or bowing down. You can create a machine learning solution that automates the Dino and learns from its mistakes.

Why You Should Use Python for These Projects

There are many advantages to using Python for AI. When you start learning artificial intelligence and machine learning, you might wonder why Python is so prevalent in this field.

The biggest reason behind Python’s immense popularity is its various libraries. You can say that it has a library for nearly every imaginable task. Python has scikit-learn, NumPy, TensorFlow, and many other libraries that make ML easy.

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