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Create Screen rotation tool using python | Python gui tkinter project

Learn how to create screen rotator ,gui software using python. We will create this project in tkinter python. Its really awesome tool ,GUI screen rotator which is helpful in many conditions.
If you are reading this description then ,I have clearly mention in video, that screen rotation can’t be record using screen recorder .
But don’t worry it will work perfectly.

To create this tool we are using tkinter and package for rotating the screen…

Rotate Screen
A small Python package for rotating the screen.

Platforms Supported
Windows is currently the only platform supported.

Clone the repo or download as zip then navigate to the project root directory and use the following command…

pip install rotate-screen

up: screen.set_landscape
left: screen.set_portrait
right: screen.set_portrait_flipped
down: screen.set_landscape_flipped

link of background image:

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Create Screen rotation tool using python | Python gui tkinter project