Write Better Code by Knowing What’s Bad

Write Better Code by Knowing What’s Bad

Write Better Code by Knowing What’s Bad. 5 qualities of bad code and why you end up writing them anyway. Let’s admit it: We all want to write good code.

Let’s admit it: We all want to write good code. You will feel way better working with code written with good standards rather than handling code that is a mess. Good code might need a little more effort in the beginning, but it will help you a lot later on.

You might be wondering why “qualities of bad code” were mentioned above. In order for us to understand why something is good, we need to understand why something is bad. This will help us to value the good part more.

Although the concept good code vs. bad code is subjective, we can agree on some qualities of bad code that are very obvious. Let's see some of these qualities of bad code.

1. Code Duplication

Duplication sometimes occurs when multiple programmers are working on different parts of the same program at the same time. Since they are working on different tasks, they might be unaware that their teammate has written code that can be reused.

Duplication can sometimes happen because of the programmer being lazy. They might be simply too lazy to declutter.

Some types of code duplication can be harder to detect. Functions that look different but give the same output can be hard to find and fix.

Although it is unavoidable to duplicate code at times, we must ensure we keep this to a minimum.

2. Spaghetti Code

Every developer has written spaghetti code at least once in their career — and they would know how much of a pain it was later on.

Spaghetti code is basically like spaghetti. It is twisted and tangled and hard to manage. It has pieces all over the place, which makes it even difficult to debug.

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