Rust Working Group Envisions ‘Accessible’ Async Rust

Rust Working Group Envisions ‘Accessible’ Async Rust

Async Foundations Working Group for Rust wants to make the language a leading choice for building distributed systems. Let's start with Rust Working Group Envisions ‘Accessible’ Async Rust.

Anticipating a bright future for the Rust language in distributed systems, the Async Foundations Working Group for Rust plans to develop a vision document for asynchronous Rust, intended to make programming async I/O a pleasant experience for users of the language.

The working group announced the vision document plan on March 18, believing Rust can become a popular choice for distributed systems ranging from embedded systems to foundational cloud services. The group is focused on the implementation and design of async I/O foundations, including extensions to the language and standard library. The ultimate goal of the vision document is to state the current situation, where things are headed, and how to get there. The initiative calls for building a shared vision for the end-to-end experience while retaining the existing loosely coupled, exploration-oriented ecosystem.


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