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More info - We support the companies following curating them in roughly 250 engineering locations through our specialist's community, b...

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Tapresume Launched as India's exclusive technology job portal for Technical and IT-related jobs, TapResume also offers TechNetwork platform for IT recruiters and employers to choose premium candidates with relevant

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TapResume is India's exclusive Job Portal for candidates looking for Technical Jobs. Its TechNetwork is a hiring platform for IT recruiters & employers to pick from a pool of pre-screened candidates with relevan

6 Tips to Consider While Hiring Emotionally Intelligent People

Emotional Intelligence codified Emotional intelligence is intelligence at a higher level and includes qualities such as emotional awareness, empathy and perfect identification of other people’s moods as well as managing the mood of the self. A...

How to Write a Tech Resume

What To Include In A Powerful Tech Resume India is a global powerhouse when it comes to the IT sector. Even when there may be a shortage of jobs in other areas of the economy, there are IT sector jobs in India aplenty. There are jobs for freshers...