Facebook Bots Developing their own Language Debunked

This is one of the many articles published back in 2017 that claimed that a catastrophic AI-related event happened within the gates of Facebook: two newborn chatbots, communicating with each other, started developing their own language.

Sentient BotsThis is how the event was reported: the bots began interacting with each other and started to create their own way of communicating deviating from the human language. In addition, the Facebook engineer had to stop the experiment ‘to prevent the worst’. As you can see from the screenshot, this is the conversation that took place between the two AI chatbots.

The output of the experiment

Now, what is really going on? Are the two AI really shifting from the limitations of the human language and rapidly becoming sentient reaching up to the level of Skynet?

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Facebook Bots Developing their own Language Debunked