How to Build a Freelance Writing Career

How to Build a Freelance Writing Career

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Tips for Making Money From Home

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Follow these tips to build a successful freelance writing career.

The flexibility of freelance writing, which allows people to work from home on their own schedule, appeals to many people. However, building a freelance writing career takes time and hard work. Follow these tips to create a successful freelance writing career.

Don’t Quit One's Day Job Yet

Building a freelance writing career takes time. If possible, writers should develop their freelance writing skills while still working full or part-time at another job. It is definitely possible to make enough money freelance writing to support oneself, but there is a learning curve.

Writers shouldn’t depend on their freelance writing income until they know they can support themselves with it. Additionally, since few freelance writing companies offer benefits, keeping a separate job can help writers get health insurance and other benefits.

Diversify Writing Websites

Some writing companies, like Demand Studios, pay up-front fees for articles. Others, like Suite 101, pay residual income from advertising revenue. Some sites, like Associated Content and Bright Hub, pay a combination of up-front and residual payments.

Some people prefer up-front payments, while others believe residual income is more lucrative over time. Either way, it makes sense to write for several different websites and write a mix of up-front and residual articles.

Diversifying protects writers in case writing assignments on one website slow or disappear. It can take months to build a steady stream of advertising revenue, and advertising revenue may not be consistent, so writing some up-front fee articles can help freelance writers ensure they can pay the bills each month. I'm sure that experienced writer can write an essay for me easy.

Take Out Money for Taxes and Savings

Freelance writing companies usually don’t take out taxes. Always set aside 20 to 25 percent of paychecks into a separate savings account for tax purposes.

It’s also a good idea to set aside some of one's income each month. Saving money is always a good idea, but since freelance writing does not have the stability of some other jobs, making sure one has enough saved to pay the bills for a few months in case assignments or revenue slow.

Don’t Expect to Choose One’s Topics

Writing about the topics one finds most interesting may not lead to a lucrative freelance writing career. Expect to write about a variety of topics, including health and business topics.

Expect to Work Hard

Freelance writing isn’t easy or magic. It involves a lot of research, writing and editing. Although freelancing has many advantages, like the option of choosing one’s own hours and work location, writers must be self-motivated and self-disciplined to succeed.

Invest In Good Technology

Fast, effective technology is necessary to a freelance writer. Writers should make sure they have a fast, reliable computer and Internet access. They should also consider using dual monitors to make writing more efficient.


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