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Amie Blanda


Introduction to Portfolios and UX case Studies for Designers

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In Today’s video, I am giving an introduction to Portfolios and UX Case studies for UX designers. This includes best practices for designers and tips that can help you kickstart your portfolio or case study creation journey!

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0:00 - Intro
1:03 - Portfolios Intro
1:28 - What should be in your portfolio
1:36 - What should be in your portfolio (Item 1)
1:58 - What should be in your portfolio (Item 2)
2:26 - What should be in your portfolio (Item 3)
2:48 - Where should you create or host your portfolio?
3:48 - UX case studies Intro
4:16 - What should be in your case study intro
4:25 - What should be in your case study (Item 1)
4:54 - What should be in your case study (Item 2)
5:12 - What should be in your case study (Item 3)
5:37 - What should be in your case study (Item 4)
5:56 - What should be in your case study (Item 5)
7:13 - What should be in your case study (Item 6)
7:28 - What should be in your case study (Item 7)
8:12 - What should be in your case study (Item 8)
8:38 - Outro

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Introduction to Portfolios and UX case Studies for Designers

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Carmen  Grimes

Carmen Grimes


An Introduction to UX Design

Today, the importance of businesses having websites and apps is only increasing. And, as technology progresses, both platforms are becoming increasingly complex. Regardless of these changes, it is crucial to remain mindful of the user’s perspective while interacting with websites and apps.

From the time that they are introduced to a new website or app, user’s will wonder “is this website/ app valuable to me?”, “ is it user friendly?”, “Is it wasting my time”, and so on, before they start to use the product as their default website/ app. To help answer these questions, we in the software industry use UX Design. This article aims to look at UX Design in detail.


1\. Definition
2\. Workflow
    -> Research
    -> Build a Persona
    -> Implement design
3\. Theory
    -> Qualities of good UX design
    -> How to improve the quality of UX design
    -> Laws of UX design
4\. Conclusion


Before we start discussing UX design, let’s first look at what UX Design is:

UX Design is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and the product

Clearly, UX Design is about the interaction between the user and the product.


Now let’s look at the workflow of a UX Design. Here are the basic steps of the UX Designing process:

1. Research

Photo by Agence Olloweb on Unsplash

First and foremost, you have to start with research. In a previous article, I explored how **_UX Design is about the interaction between the user and the product. _**Hence, we need to collect feedback, ratings, suggestions, and complaints from our users before we start envisioning our product. This should be done in a rigorous manner because we will have various types of users (including different age groups, nationalities, abilities, professions, and so on) using the product and we want to make sure that we are catering to their needs. However, it is not practical to meet with every user and get feedback from them. Instead, we collect data from online surveys, online forms, rating bars, comments, and more to get a better idea of who our audience is. For example, simply visit the Google Play Store and choose an app with a low rating. Then check the comments, surely you will find a good overview of bad user experiences. These comments and ratings are often checked by the UX Design team who use this feedback for their next round of product improvements.

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