Top 7 Programming Languages For Fintech App Development

Top 7 Programming Languages For Fintech App Development

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With a wide gamut of advanced technologies available, the fintech industry has reached the highest peak of success. There is always a new fintech app to see in the online market launched to meet their desire for financial freedom. The growth in transaction rates and low-risk tolerance has brought on the need for developing applications that help streamline banking operations. Also, the reason that COVID-19 is still a big worry, banks have realized that having an app is vital. But all of that, an app needs to be developed using the advanced tech stack. And for this, Banks and fintech companies have to connect with top-rated developers to carry out the job perfectly.

And when it comes to building fintech products, most fintech companies face the dilemma of picking a suitable programming language. It can be a challenging but at the same time important step. After all, programming languages are the building blocks of any application. Be it Python, Java, or C++; each programming language has its unique strength. Even when you will hire software development company, you make sure they are well-versed in all top programming languages for fintech. Below are the best programming languages for the development of a fintech app.


It's the most secure object-oriented programming language extensively used to develop fintech apps. Such a technology can handle a large volume of sensitive data and ensure the highest security, making it perfect for fintech apps. Other benefits of this language are the stability and versatility that make the fintech apps run on any platform. Programmers who are likely to work on large-scale fintech or big-data projects can consider using Java.

It's easier to use, write, and compile programs with Java than other languages. Java has unparalleled security features like automatic memory management, corruption prevention, etc. That's why it's ideal to go for those who are worried about security. This language uses the virtual machine to provide the most portable execution environment for Java programs.


In the fintech landscape, Python is the oldest language that is gaining popularity nowadays. The syntax of this language is easy to learn and quick to implement for the execution of programs. Also, its wide array of extensive libraries exist both in compiled and native form. Python is the most recommended language, especially for fintech applications, AI and ML applications, and many more. The below are a few advantages of the Python language that make it famous worldwide.

Python is one of those high-level programming languages that are easier to understand and learn. It's a good pick-up for beginners in the development world. This programming language brings extensive libraries to develop fintech apps such as OS interfaces, internet protocols, web services tools, etc. User-friendly data structures of Python are another advantage that makes this language popular. A language helps construct fast structures.


Among the list of popular programming languages, C++ is also used to develop high-performance fintech apps. The thing that programmers like about this language is that they can reuse the code, which further lowers the development cost. You can consider this language a perfect fit for a rich library to access the essential tools. In the development of the fintech app, C++ is best for advanced computations where execution speed needs the most. Not suitable for beginners, but experienced developers can use this language in specific niches for more efficiency.

C++ is considered one of the fastest executing programming languages due to its in-built data structures. Such programming promotes the reusability of code, which is the most beneficial thing for developing complex projects. Rich library support is another main reason why C++ is best for the development of fintech applications.


Ruby is another top best programming language for financial apps on the list often used due to its countless capabilities. All its characteristics contribute towards building a fast and flourishing app. It’s worth considering Ruby to construct secure digital payment gateways, e-wallets, and financial dashboards. Such a robust framework allows high-secure coding and is beneficial due to the in-built plugins and libraries. Developers prefer Ruby for finance projects due to the following great reasons.

Essential plugins and third-party libraries within Ruby allow the development team to build projects without writing lengthy code. Another benefit of the Ruby framework is that it helps developers write bug-free code and develop scalable fintech apps. The development speed that comes up with this framework is much faster.


When it’s about the fintech industry and the development of the financial app, Haskell is also one of those familiar languages that is easy to use. Most of the programmers use it for the implementation of little syntax and semantic rules. Thanks to this emerging programming language, it is a lot easier for one to develop the app without writing large codes.

Haskel is an entirely general-purpose language used for financial management. Plus, for the applications that require good performance, this programming language is the ready-to-go choice. In simple words, it is one of the best available languages available today for writing robust software ever.

It’s entirely versatile for the writing and execution of static programs, making programming safe. Also, Haskell comes with great computing possibilities. Centered around pure functionality, Haskel contains all the necessary features for the writing of correct software. Another benefit is its automatic memory management. Such a modern language ensures memory safety which is somehow essential for writing the software securely.


Fintech is the landscape where the demand for financial data is continual. To keep up with those users and their needs, a smooth connection is crucial than ever. And this where Go, or you say Golang comes into the picture to handle millions of records efficiently. Much similar to Java, this programming language ensures high performance. The thing that makes Go unique is its ability to handle multiple tasks at the same time. Plus, this programming language is the best fit in fintech for the development of heavy-load systems.

Structured Query Language

Structured Query Language or, in short, SQL designed to execute database operations smoothly. In fintech mobile app development, its use is for the storage, retrieval, and manipulation of sensitive data. Such a database language makes it possible for anyone to analyze the data and make future predictions. As most of the data in the financial industry holds complexity, SQL is the one that makes it so easy to manage and handle it. SQL's most common features are database creation, deletion, modification of rows, and many more.

Which Language is the best one for fintech?

The list is extensive as you can see above. Numerous programming languages play a vital part in the fintech landscape. According to a recent survey, Python became a leading choice in no time to develop fintech software. All its driving factors help resolve the challenges that fintech companies usually raise. The open license makes Python the perfect choice. It allows one to avail of an array of tools and extensive libraries for finance management. The simple syntax of Python is easy to learn, one of the benefits for software engineers and developers to develop fintech apps faster.

The most significant advantage of utilizing python for fintech app development is the availability of its countless libraries and tools. The libraries usually focus on crucial factors like payment gateway APIs, predictive analytics, etc.

  • Pandas
  • NumPy
  • SciPy
  • Pyalgotrade
  • Scrapy

Implementation of Python in Different Fintech Areas

Python is essential to apply in a wide array of fintech areas. Let’s discuss those areas one by one:

Banking Apps: Python is a popular programming language for banking software because of its countless opportunities. With the potential of Python, a banking app can help expand the customer base. Also, it allows banking organizations to perform easy one-click payments with customers.

Trading Apps: The digital practice of buying and selling financial assets is growing faster. Businesses who are interested in developing such solutions ask developers to provide a platform that makes trading efficient. And for this solution, Python technology is an excellent choice, ensuring better ROI, faster transactions, and many more.

Digital Wallets: Digital wallets are gaining immense popularity these days. As digital wallets require massive security, building such solutions using Python is recommended highly. Because of the secure APIs, scalability, and easy manageability, the Python framework is the go-to choice for developers looking to build a digital wallet.

Are You Ready To Build a Fintech App?

For the success of any fintech project, a suitable set of tools or programming languages matters a lot. All the languages mentioned above are best and help you rock the finance sector. But Python is here to stay in the finance landscape. The technology comes with excellent opportunities and is ideal for resolving finance challenges. So, hire one with a strong background in building fully functional app solutions and use the latest tech stack for fintech apps.

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