Encrypt Dropbox Files on Ubuntu Desktop & Server in 2 Ways

Encrypt Dropbox Files on Ubuntu Desktop & Server in 2 Ways

The first technique employs the usage of Cryptomator, a graphical application, while the second employs the use of CryFS, a command-line utility designed for servers. They're both free to use. Please see the following tutorials if you haven't already installed Dropbox on Ubuntu.

If you are wondering “is Dropbox safe for confidential files”, you have come to the right place. This tutorial shows you 2 ways to encrypt files in your Dropbox account  to protect your confidential files from prying eyes. This will be very helpful for those who are worried about privacy and security when storing files on cloud storage providers. Experienced Linux users can set up their own cloud storage using NextCloud , but not everyone has the skill or time to manage self-hosted cloud storage. When your Dropbox files are encrypted, no one can read them without the encryption password.

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