Java Assignment Help | 25% OFF by JAVA Assignment Helper

Java Assignment Help | 25% OFF by JAVA Assignment Helper

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In the year 1991, Java was developed by Sun Microsystems.Inc. Formally it was called OAK, then in the year 1995, the language was named as “Java’ by Sun Microsystems. Later in 2009, Oracle Corporation took over the founder of Java, Sun Microsystems.

It is a secure programming language that is high-level, object-oriented, and general-purpose. It is one of the widely used programming languages by programmers from all around the globe. It is the best platform that helps in developing and running programs written in all programming languages. From gaming consoles to web applications, to a scientific supercomputer to cell phones and the internet, Java is used everywhere.

Different Editions Of Java Java has three different editions and each edition has its capabilities. All three editions are - Java Standard Editions (JSE) - JSE is used for creating programs for desktop computers. Java Enterprise Editions (JEE) - Programs that run on servers, manage complex transitions and heavy traffic are created by using JEE. Java Micro Editions (JME) - Applications for small devices such as - phones, set-top box, etc are developed by using JME.

Exceptional Features Of Java Java is the best programming language for global programmers. We cannot think of technological advancement without the involvement of Java. Just because of it’s excellent features it is popular among all.

It Is Simple Java is the simple programming language because of its simple and clean syntax, and easy to understand features. The complex concepts of C++ are re-implemented or eliminated in Java.

Object-oriented Language Everything in Java is in the form of objects, which means that it has some behavior and data. There must be at least one object and class in a program.

It Is Portable The Java Byte code can be sent to any platform. There is nothing like implementation-dependent characteristics. Things that are related to storage are pre-defined.

Independent For All Platforms Codes once written by using Java can run anywhere and it is guaranteed by Java.

Java Is Robust Efforts are continuously made by Java to keep a check on errors that occurs at run time and compile time. Java has a garbage collector and exception handling features that make it strong.

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