Quotes app for mobile (Android, iOS) & web

Quotes app for mobile (Android, iOS) & web

fig.style is a quotes app and service delivering one quote each day. It's available on multiplatform and has multilanguage. It only support English & French for now.

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fig.style is a quotes app and service delivering one quote each day. It's available on multiplatform and has multilanguage. It only support English & French for now.

Add a quote

You can freely add a quote to the app after creating an account. You can only add one quote per day but you can save the excedent as drafts.

Quotes are manually validated and can be rejected for various reasons:

  • Hard to understand due to missing or partial information
  • Strong language or offensive words
  • Too ordinary (the sentence don't have any particularity - e.g.: The sun is red)

Adding an author or a reference is highly appreciated. It helps to better understand the quote and it's funnier.


  • Fix notifications (mobile)
  • Re-work web home page



⚠️ This project is in early development stage so the developer part hasn't been built yet, so you won't be able to contribute to it at the moment without explicit authorization.

Code styles

Repository code styles for better structure and reading.

Dart class

Rules for dart classes.

  • All imports at the top, ascending ordered alphabeticaly
  • Variables declared at the top of the state
class _DashboardState extends State<Dashboard> {
  User userAuth;
  bool canManage = false;
  // ...
  • Class methods in priority order:
    • Overrides (e.g. initState)
    • build method
    • Custom methods which return a widget
    • Other functions (e.g. auth functions, fetch data, ...)


Mozilla Public License 2.0.

Please read the LICENSE for more information.

Please ask if you have any doubt.

Privacy Policy

You can find the platform's privacy policy at: https://tos.outofcontext.app

Help Center

You can find the help center at: https://help.outofcontext.app


Download Details:

Author: rootasjey

Demo: https://fig.style/

Source Code: https://github.com/rootasjey/fig.style

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