Teaching Neural Networks to be Humans

Teaching Neural Networks to be Humans

Teaching Neural Networks to be Humans. Artificial Intelligence and cognitive technologies such as Neural Networks upgrade great transformations in economic, social, cultural and humanitarian spheres.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) has become a framework related challenge for scientific researchers. Industry 4.0 is principally portrayed by evolution and convergence of nano-, bio-, information and cognitive technologies to upgrade great transformations in economic, social, cultural and humanitarian spheres. Experts managing advancement and introduction of the sixth technological paradigm technologies decide by and large whether our nation can ride the influx of Industry 4.0 developments.

For as long as 25 years, the creators have been building up the concept of systematic computer simulation training at schools and educators’ training colleges. The idea thoughts have been summed up and introduced in the course reading. Spreadsheets are picked to be the leading environment for computer simulation training, their application examined in articles. Utilizing spreadsheet processors (autonomous, integrated and cloud-based) as specific illustrations, the writers exhibit segments of teaching innovation of computer simulation of determined and stochastic articles and cycles of different nature. The methodical training of simulation provides changing and integrating simulation conditions running from general (spreadsheets) to particular subject-based ones.

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