Designing a URL-based Query Syntax for GraphQL

See how to design a single-line URL-based query syntax for GraphQL servers that is simple to read and write.

Currently, if we want to use HTTP caching in GraphQL, we must use a GraphQL server that supports persisted queries. That’s because the persisted query will already have the GraphQL query stored in the server; as such, we do not need to provide this information in our request.

In order for GraphQL servers to also support HTTP caching via the single endpoint, the GraphQL query must be provided as a URL param. The GraphQL over HTTP specification will hopefully achieve this goal, providing a standardized language for all GraphQL clients, servers, and libraries to interact with each other.

I suspect, though, that all attempts to pass a GraphQL query via a URL param will be far from ideal. This is because a URL param must be provided as a single-line value, so the query will either need to be encoded or reformatted, making it difficult to understand (for us humans, not for machines).

For instance, this is how a GraphQL query looks when replacing all line breaks with spaces to make it fit within a single line:

{ posts(limit:5) { id title @titleCase excerpt @default(value:"No title", condition:IS_EMPTY) author { name } tags { id name } comments(limit:3, order:"date|DESC") { id date(format:"d/m/Y") author { name } content } } }

Can you make sense of it? Me neither.

And this is how the GraphiQL client encodes the simple query { posts { id title } } as a URL param:


Once again, we don’t know what’s going on here.

Both these examples evince the issue: single-line GraphQL queries can work from a technical point of view, transmitting the information to the server, but it is not easy for people to read and write those queries.

Being able to operate with single-line queries would have many benefits. For instance, we could compose the query directly in the browser’s address bar, doing away with the need for some GraphQL client.

It is not that I dislike GraphQL clients — indeed, I love GraphiQL. But I do dislike the idea that I depend on them.

In other words, we could benefit from a query syntax that allows people to:

  • Write a query directly in a single line
  • Understand the single-line query at a glance

This is a formidable challenge. But it is not insurmountable.

In this article, I will introduce an alternative syntax, which supports being “easy to read and write in a single line” by us humans.

I am not really proposing introducing this syntax to GraphQL — I understand that would never happen. But the design process for this syntax can, nevertheless, exemplify what we must pay attention to when designing the GraphQL over HTTP specification.


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Designing a URL-based Query Syntax for GraphQL

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Designing Mobile Apps using the latest UI Design Principles

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How model queries work in Django

How model queries work in Django

Welcome to my blog, hey everyone in this article we are going to be working with queries in Django so for any web app that you build your going to want to write a query so you can retrieve information from your database so in this article I’ll be showing you all the different ways that you can write queries and it should cover about 90% of the cases that you’ll have when you’re writing your code the other 10% depend on your specific use case you may have to get more complicated but for the most part what I cover in this article should be able to help you so let’s start with the model that I have I’ve already created it.

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let’s just get into this diagram that I made so in here:

django queries aboutDescribe each parameter in Django querset

we’re making a simple query for the myModel table so we want to pull out all the information in the database so we have this variable which is gonna hold a return value and we have our myModel models so this is simply the myModel model name so whatever you named your model just make sure you specify that and we’re gonna access the objects attribute once we get that object’s attribute we can simply use the all method and this will return all the information in the database so we’re gonna start with all and then we will go into getting single items filtering that data and go to our command prompt.

Here and we’ll actually start making our queries from here to do this let’s just go ahead and run** Python shell** and I am in my project file so make sure you’re in there when you start and what this does is it gives us an interactive shell to actually start working with our data so this is a lot like the Python shell but because we did it allows us to do things a Django way and actually query our database now open up the command prompt and let’s go ahead and start making our first queries.

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How To Make Marvelous Microcopy: 7 Surefire Tips

Good microcopy is one of the fastest ways to improve an interface. Try doing an audit on your UI with these tips to see how it stands up.

1) Use personal pronouns

Address the reader instead of just talking out loud. Use the word you. People pay more attention when you talk directly to them.

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