Top 3 programming languages for Microservices

Top 3 programming languages for Microservices

Actually, almost any language meets microservices developing needs. Though the process by itself may be not as effortless as desired. It is time to discover the Top #3 programming languages for writing microservices!

Today Microservices are a significant part of the whole digital world. They have demonstrated high results and capability: speedy TTM, better scalability, the productivity of development, etc. Largest tech companies such as Netflix, Uber, and Groupon as well as small local development teams have adopted microservices already.

There is thus a trade-off when choosing a programming language for creating Microservices.

Language choosing principles

As has been stated, there are no strict rules for choosing a framework or a language for building Microservices. Still, some of the programming languages have better options for the patterns and principles of implementation around Microservices Architecture.

That’s important to know that frameworks and programming languages have some requirements to be suitable for Microservices creation. Take a glance at the list of necessary elements:

  • Automation culture
  • Components decentralization
  • Business domain presence
  • Consumer-first approach
  • Culture of Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD)

Let’s move on to discovering Top #3 languages.

 #1: Java

It’s not for nothing that Java is so popular among developers. There are plenty of advantages in Java such as code readability, maintainability and lots of Microservices frameworks (Spring Boot, Play!, DropWizard, Spark Java, Swagger, and Jersey). Now we are going to consider just some of them:

  • Spring Boot. This one can be counted as the most common frameworks in Java. It has a reliable infrastructure that is suitable for any sort of apps like security, big data, etc.
  • DropWizard. This framework allows to develop very productive RESTful web services. It is an open source and contains tested in practice Java libraries. The last ones make the time of development much faster, so JAVA devs can stick to more difficult assignments that require diligence and creativity.
  • Jersey. Formed on JAX-RS specification, Jersey is known for high speed, simple routing, clear documentation. Jersey is also popular among JAVA developers.

#2: Golang

Goland (also known as Go) is famous for its quickness and possibility of concurrency in terms of microservices creation. If concurrency is accomplished expertly in Golang, you can expect enhanced productivity of various cores and machines. Also, Go offers some impressive frameworks:

  • Go Micro. An RPC framework intended to develop microservices in Golang. Load balancing, PRC Client, server packages, message encoding — all the above are Go Micro’s advantages.
  • Go Kit. Go Kit is different from the previous one because it has to be imported into a binary package. It is also advanced for DDD (Domain-driven design), explicit dependencies, and declarative aspect compositions.
  • Gizmo. This one is not so impeccable like Go Micro, but still, there are server implementation possibilities and building components of high-level (i. e. configs).

So now it’s pretty clear why Golang has found favour among developers for microservices creating.

#3: Python

RESTful access to making APIs by applying web protocols like HTTP and toolkits for remote object search and manipulation is what Python famous for. See what makes Python appropriate for creating Microservices!

  • Mighty substitutes to large implementations (i.e. Django) are available
  • Quicker and simpler prototyping
  • Adaptability to the old languages such as PHP

Final thoughts

Wrapping it up, that would be right to refer to a recent report by Red Hat. It says that in Microservices building 45% DevOps prefer to concentrate on choosing the right tool for a certain task instead of focusing on a language choice. And we totally agree with this point of view. Before looking to hire developers or develop the project yourself, make sure you make the right programming language choice.

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