Deployment Using Streamlit and Heroku

Deployment Using Streamlit and Heroku

Deployment Using Streamlit and Heroku. Every data science aspirant, who is new to the field, has an arsenal of projects that are left untouched on their own desktops. How about we get them up on the internet??

All the code and the screenshots used in this article are from a personal project that I worked on, earlier this year. The code for the GitHub repo is linked here and the deployed model is linked here


First, you need to get streamlit installed on your system, or on the virtual environment where you’re working on this project.

If you do not have streamlit installed, open the command prompt and type:

 pip install streamlit

Once you have streamlit installed, you should check out the official documentation of streamlit to familiarize yourself with the wide range of widgets provided by their python library. I will get into the following widget that I felt, are the most useful to start off with :

  1. To enter plain text
streamlit.write('Text data')

2. To Create a drop-down list

choices = ['1', '2', '3']
selected_ch = streamlit.selectbox('Pick a number', choices)

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