How to Create D3js V6 Calendar Heat Map

How to Create D3js V6 Calendar Heat Map

Learn how to create D3js v6 calendar heat map. Create chart dimensions and scales. Create new project in Goland, name it medium_d3. Download latest d3.js library and save it into this js directory. Create new file homepage.js in this js directory.

With Go backend, sending JSON data

D3js is a Javascript library for doing graphical magic on data. In the year 2020, it was upgraded to version 6.

And this brings us a little problem. Official examples gallery doesn’t use Javascript, instead it uses special Observable Notebook language. It is not easy, nowadays, to find an up-to-date version 6 examples of D3js charts.

This was the reason for this article. I was not able to find out working example of version 6 calendar heat map so I decided to make one.

Please note, that this work stands on shoulder of other people.

In this article, we will use strategy I learnt in Amelia Wattenberger’s book and we will build on those steps:

  1. Access the data
  2. Create chart dimensions and scales
  3. Draw the canvas
  4. Draw data
  5. Set up interactions
  6. Draw peripherals

We will use latest version of D3js, which is version 6.3.1, as of January 9, 2021. We will use Go as a web server to simulate some pseudo-real world backend data sending. And we will use Goland as an IDE.

You can skip Preparing the project, if you only need the D3js information. As always, you’ll find link to Github repository at the end of the article.

Here you can find more information about creating web server in Go.

Preparing the project

Create new project in Goland, name it medium_d3

  1. Create two new directories: html and js.
  2. Download latest D3 library and save it into this js directory. Create new file homepage.js in this js directory.
  3. Create new file homepage.html in html directory
  4. Create three new files in main project directory: main.gohomepage.go and log.go

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