Six Things I’ve Learned as a Freelance Rapper

Six Things I’ve Learned as a Freelance Rapper

Today I will share what I’ve learned after hundreds of completed orders and what a freelancer with any skill can expect when selling their services online.

As unorthodox as it may sound I have had experience freelancing as a rapper for different individuals, brands, app developers, websites, Youtubers and more on and other means through networking for the past six years.

In that time I have found a plethora of successes and the same amount of failures which have made me better at my craft and at navigating the tumultuous yet rewarding waters of the gig economy. Today I will share what I’ve learned after hundreds of completed orders and what a freelancer with any skill can expect when selling their services online.

1. Keep an open mind

Starting out I got some very odd requests. If I was carrying the attitude of your typical rapper in the music industry I would have said no to most of the requests I received. But because I was an artist who was young, hungry and eager to make money, I developed awareness of niches I didn’t even know existed. How many rappers do you know that do business advertisements, songs for new and upcoming websites and apps, theatre plays, kids educational programs and even crazier things I can’t recall off the top of my head.

I have some of these projects stored away in my mental file cabinet under “NEVER MENTION OR THINK ABOUT AGAIN!” Yet, on the other side of that coin, there’s this slight fondness of these same order requests as they forced me to step outside of my comfort zone, try new styles of creativity and ultimately grow.

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