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Aisu Joesph


Azure Bird’s-Eye View with Azure Purview

What is Azure Purview?

For some time, Microsoft has been working on the internal project under the codename “Babylon” for restructuring the data catalog service on Azure. Now, it is officially revealed that the data product is “Azure Purview”.

“Azure Purview is a unified data governance platform which automates the discovery of data, cataloging of data, mapping of data, lineage tracking — with the intention of giving our customers a very good understanding of the breadth of the data estate that exists to begin with, and also to ensure that all these regulations that are there for compliance, like GDPR, CCPA, etc, are managed across an entire data estate in ways which enable you to make sure that they don’t violate any regulation,” Rohan Kumar, Microsoft’s corporate VP for Azure Data, explained.

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Azure Bird’s-Eye View with  Azure Purview