React Native - Get current value of picker item

React Native - Get current value of picker item

<strong>I have this problem:</strong>

I have this problem:

I use this library:

How to display tool_count for current tool_name with Picker?

For example tool_name = 'qwerty' and tool_count for this tool_name = 12.

This is my code:

export default class createToolWorker extends React.Component {

constructor(props) {


this.state = {
    isLoading: true,
    tool_name: '',
    tool_nameError: null,
    tool_count: '',
    tool_countError: null,



getAllTools = () => { db.transaction((tx) => { tx.executeSql('SELECT * FROM table_tools', [], (tx, results) => { let rows = results.rows.raw(); this.setState({ data: rows, isLoading: false }); this.arrayholder = rows; }) }); }

render() {

if (this.state.isLoading) {
    return (
        &lt;View style={{ flex: 1, paddingTop: 20 }}&gt;
            &lt;ActivityIndicator /&gt;

return (

        &lt;Content style={responsive.workerForm}&gt;
            &lt;View style={responsive.workerFormBox}&gt;
                &lt;View style={{ marginTop: 15 }}&gt;
                        &lt;View style={responsive.workerFormBoxView}&gt;
                                &lt;Label style={custom.workerFormBoxLabel}&gt;Име на инструмент:&lt;/Label&gt;

                                    onValueChange={(itemValue, itemIndex) =&gt; this.setState({ tool_name: itemValue })} &gt;

                                    {, key) =&gt; (
                                        &lt;Picker.Item label={item.tool_name} value={item.tool_name} key={key} /&gt;)

                                &lt;Text style={{ color: '#FF0000', position: 'absolute', right: 0, top: 35 }}&gt;{tool_nameError ? tool_nameError : null} &lt;/Text&gt;




I will be very thankful if you help me :)

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