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Where does Hyperledger Sawtooth store its ledger?

Where does Hyperledger Sawtooth store its ledger entries within the validator? Is it in a readable format?

What kind of a database does it maintain?

Can the transactions performed on the network be seen?

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By default, the blockchain is stored under /var/lib/sawtooth/ unless you have $SAWTOOTH_HOME set, then it uses that directory.

The blockchain (transactions) is stored as a sparse file in a LMDB database in file block-00.lmdb . The global state (variables) is stored in file merkle-00.lmdb as a Merkle Trie.

More details in the FAQ at https://sawtooth.hyperledger.org/faq/validator/#what-files-does-sawtooth-use

Tubo Man

Tubo Man


Where does Hyperledger Sawtooth store its ledger?

Where does Hyperledger Sawtooth store its ledger entries within the validator? Is it in a readable format?

What kind of a database does it maintain?

Can the transactions performed on the network be seen?

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Deploying DAML Smart Contracts on Hyperledger Sawtooth

In our last blog, Deploying DAML based Smart Contracts on project:DABL, we deployed our daml application on project:DABL, a blockchain platform by digital asset. We also discussed how DAML provides support on multiple blockchain platforms like hyperledger sawtooth, fabric, Corda etc.

In this blog we will take a step further in our DAML journey and deploy our application on another blockchain platform which is Hyperledger Sawtooth.

Hyperledger Sawtooth

So before jumping to deployment of applications and all the technical stuff, let’s just have a small introduction to sawtooth.

Hyperledger Sawtooth is an open source Blockchain platform founded by the Linux Foundation’s open-source blockchain project, Hyperledger. It is an enterprise-grade distributed ledger and was one of the first projects under the Hyperledger umbrella.

Hyperledger is a home to different distributed ledger frameworks like hyperledger fabric, Indy, and our today’s main focus which is hyperledger sawtooth.

Some Advantages of hyperledger sawtooth are :

  1. Permissioned/Permission less: Sawtooth can be configured to be either permissioned or permission less. By default, Hyperledger Sawtooth is permissioned.
  2. Scaleable: sawtooth can handle large amounts of transactions. Depending on the number of transactions it can be scaled easily.
  3. Multi-Language support: sawtooth allows developing smart contracts in Python, JavaScript, Rust, C++, and Go.
  4. Loose coupling architecture. The blocks within the Sawtooth’s network are not highly dependent on each other, which means that the change that is made to one element would not affect the network as a whole. It offers smart contract abstraction to allow developers to create contract logic in the programming language of their choice.

Now that we know what hyperledger sawtooth is let’s us understand how we can take DAML application and deploy it on sawtooth

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Kole Haag


What is NoSQL and How is it Utilized?

Posted on September 25, 2020 by Dean Conally | Updated: October 8, 2020

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What is NoSQL?

A NoSQL or a NoSQL Database is a term used when referring to a “non SQL” or “not only SQL” database. NoSQL databases store data in a different format than a traditional relational database management systems. This is why NoSQL is often associated with the term “non-relational” database. Simply put, NoSQL databases are modern databases with high flexibility, blazing performance, and built for scalability. These databases are used when you require low latency and high extensibility while working with large data structures. The versatility of NoSQL is due to the nature of as being unrestricted in comparison to relational databases models such as MySQL or DB2.

SQL vs. NoSQL Comparison

There are multiple differences between SQL and NoSQL database types. In the table below, we will compare some of the most critical variations.

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i-Verve Inc


How to start an online grocery store | Setting up Online Grocery Business in 2021

Start An Online Grocery Store

Despite the Covid-19 threat to the world and economy of every country, Online Grocery Market has recorded a 3X increase since 2019 till now.

“About 1-4th online shoppers are already shopping groceries on the internet in developed countries and 55% are willing to in near future. – Nielson study”

The new store these days are digital stores, Web stores, and Mobile applications where 70% of the customers reach and buy every day.

Take your store where the customers are to generate more revenue by developing e-commerce grocery store/application and Supermarket online store and mobile application.

Online grocery shopping sales in the United States from 2018 to 2023(in billion U.S. dollars)

“As per Statista, The U.S. online grocery market was estimated to generate sales worth about 28.68 billion U.S. dollars in 2019, with sales forecast to reach 59.5 billion U.S. dollars by 2023.”

Online store and mobile applications are helping small grocery business owners reach 70% more customers and generate unbelievable but real 48% more revenue other than the existing one. Check out a few of the businesses listed below:

  • Dry fruit sellers
  • Vegetables and organic vegetable sellers
  • Fruits and Organic Fruit sellers
  • Bakery product seller
  • Meat seller
  • Milk and Milk product seller
  • Mega Grocery store owner (All in one)

Want to start an online grocery store? – Here’s what you should know

If you dream of owning your own online store regardless are you setting up a small business for the first time or you’ve been in the game a long time, this guide will help you learn how to start an online store.

Online selling, better known as e-commerce, has truly hit its pace. Fortunately, getting started is easier than you might think provided you have basic information about the business (which we will cover here) and you have a team of ecommerce website store solution experts to get the things implemented.

Accenture estimates, by the end of 2020, the ecommerce industry will get 13.5% of the revenue share. What does it mean for online store owners? It means that out of every 7 dollars spent on retail consumption: eCommerce will get about 1 dollar.

This article was originally published - How to start an online grocery store?

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How does Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Work?

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that has ushered in a new age. This distributed ledger technology is the foundation for Bitcoin trading, but it has evolved into a mainstream technology with a wide range of applications. Blockchain developers are in high demand across a wide range of industries; from food to banking, Blockchain technology has a wide range of applications.

Despite the fact that Blockchain technology has been steadily growing, there are some concerns about its use. The lack of governance and scalability, as well as privacy, are major concerns that must be addressed. But the truth is that we have both public and private Blockchains. While the public Blockchain is available to everyone, businesses are more interested in the private Blockchain. The private Blockchain, on the other hand, is much more stable.

The Hyperledger Fabric:

Hyperledger Fabric comes to mind when we talk about permissioned Blockchain. This Blockchain platform provides a solution for businesses. It is also used by businesses for transactions and knowledge exchange. Members are the organisations that are a part of this consortium.

Now comes the Hyperledger fabric’s operation. Each member of the Blockchain network who wishes to participate in the network must first set up their peers. All of the members are cryptographically configured to look like they have access to the Certificate Authority and other information.

Clients submit transaction requests to the members of the member organisation. To connect with the Hyperledger Fabric network, this client programme uses the Hyperledger Fabric SDK or REST web service.

Hyperledger Fabric differs from Blockchain in that it is a permissioned network in which representatives of participating organisations grant permission, enhancing the platform’s protection. As a result, it is completely safe and stable.

Hyperledger fabric’s main features include:

1. Permissioned membership- Unlike public Blockchains, where identities are anonymous, all Hyperledger fabric participants have identities.

2. Scalability and performance- Hyperledger fabric is based on a modular architecture and consists of the following components:

• Chain code (distributed logic processing and agreement)
• Putting the transaction in order
• As well as transaction confirmation and dedication.

It improves scalability and efficiency by allowing for verification across various node types.

3. Data security— Another benefit of using Hyperledger Fabric is that it ensures data security. For key generation, the user receives both modified and unmodified PKCS11, which adds to the protection.

These are some of the advantages that Hyperledger fabric provides, and this is why so many businesses are interested in using it. These characteristics of Blockchain would increase its popularity and expand its scope.

As a result of this development, there will be a greater demand for Hyperledger experts who can help with the implementation of this technology. If you want to advance your career in this field, you should enrol in the Blockchain Council’s Hyperledger certification programme.

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