Learning GIT in 5 Minutes Or Less

Learning GIT in 5 Minutes Or Less

Git is a distributed version control system below that allows you to keep track of changes made to a project by your and your team. Git is not GitHub. You have 2 free member-only stories left this month. Learning GIT in 5 minutes or less.

GIT is a distributed version control system that allows you to keep track of changes made to a project by your and your team. I still remember the first day I had to use it and how confused I was. What all of those commands do, how do we use them, what if something go wrong? In this article I will try to explain the most used commands in my opinion.

  1. Staging files

  2. Unstaging files

  3.  Commit files to project

  4.  Rename an already committed file

  5.  Delete an already committed file

  6.  Restore a delete file with git rm

  7. Reverting a commit

  8.  Removing a commit with changes retained

  9.  Removing a commit without changed retained

  10.  Checkout to a commit

  11.  Creating a new branch

  12.  Checkout/Switch to a branch

  13.  Create and checkout to a branch

  14.  Merge branch onto master (aka Fast Forward) — linear history

  15.  Merge branch onto master (aka merge commit) — non linear history

  16.  Rebase a branch

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