Artificial Intelligence is Modernizing Restaurant Industry

Artificial Intelligence is Modernizing Restaurant Industry

Artificial intelligence and machine learning-powered applications are transforming the restaurant industry. Artificial intelligence, robots, chatbots are helping restaurants to predict sales, reduce food wastage and improve customer experience.

While technology is growing and benefiting many industries, certain industries are still struggling to survive. One such industry experiencing the battle of endurance amidst its peers is the restaurant business.

52% of the restaurant proprietors have consented to the fact that high operating and food costs appear to be the top difficulties that come their way while dealing with their business. Restaurants can undoubtedly keep steady over everything by the legitimate implementation of technology into their business.

One such technology which is said to have some critical impact on this industry specialty is artificial intelligence. Almost certainly, there are various advantages of implementing artificial intelligence in restaurants like improved customer experience, more sales, less food wastage, and so forth.

From employee scheduling to anticipating sales and arranging promotions, the advantages of AI are various. At last, it minimizes labor and food costs and maximizes profits. Here are some AI applications used in the restaurant industry

Forecast Sales

The climate is an important factor in restaurant sales. Studies show that 7 out of 10 restaurants state that weather forecasts affect their sales. Perhaps it’s bright and an ideal day to enjoy a sangria on a yard with friends, or possibly it’s cold and desolate outside and you feel like having hot cocoa at a cozy bistro.

Regardless of whether it’s bright, shady, rainy, snowy or hotter than expected, customers are attracted to specific foods and beverages dependent on the conditions outside. Based on food and beverages an eatery serves, the climate will impact the number of customers a restaurant serves on some random day.

With machine learning, restaurants can precisely project their sales dependent upon the arrival of the week, past sales performance and weather conditions

For example, if a restaurant sold a high volume of alcoholic beverages on rainy days last year, machine learning-powered forecasting solutions will cross-reference each one of those data points and disclose to you which menu items drive the most sales for that season and those climate conditions. Also, it tells you the number of sales you can expect in the future based on that historical sales and weather data.

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