8 Best Games on Oculus Quest in 2020

8 Best Games on Oculus Quest in 2020

Headshot zombies, show off your archery skills, and take over kingdoms in these must-play games on the Oculus Quest

Ever since buying my Oculus Quest in December 2019, I have been deep diving into VR and I am completely sold. Furthermore, other similar technology, such as the Microsoft HoloLens Mixed Reality headset, has the power to improve numerous industries outside of gaming.

The potential of virtual reality and augmented reality is so great that I predict in five years the number of VR headset owners will match those of traditional consoles. In 10 years, more people will be playing VR than traditional consoles games.

The wireless hardware and user-friendly interface make the Quest a strong catalyst that is helping push VR into the mainstream. But what are the best games on the Oculus Quest? This list will introduce some of the most polished and amazing titles in the Oculus Quest’s library that everyone should try.


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