Will Github Actions Kill off Jenkins?

Yes, the title is a little controversial. However, our experience leads us to predict that GitHub Actions will be the dominant choice for

The Fight Over Free Will

There is still no peace in the war over free will. Philosophers and scientists regularly talk past each other, and it can be difficult to know exactly what someone means when they say “free will is an illusion!” or “free will is real!”.

Will AI replace Humans ?

Will AI replace humans - Will human intelligence win the battle against Artificial intelligence or will AI lead the man power. Impact of AI on human.

The Singularity: When Will We Transition to a Dictatorship of Robots?

Technological Singularity: the moment when robots reach a level of intelligence that is superior to the current level of human reasonableness or ability to predict the outcomes of unrestrained technological growth. As a consequence, the economic, cultural and political singularity of human civilization follows. And although the singularity is still the subject of many Hollywood films and fictions, the possibility of this hypothetical moment genuinely approaching is looking more and more likely.

Dating Apps Will Be Better Matchmakers Thanks to AI, but will They Be Safer?

As technology advances, we continue to use these innovations to make our lives better, and that includes how we find love. Today, around 50.2 percent of the U.S. population is single — that's over 124 million people. This higher rate of singles has many people pointing the finger at online dating for making love obsolete. But online dating apps empower singles to find what they're looking for, whether that be a relationship, a casual hookup, or marriage.