Clubhouse Clone Script Development | White-Label Chat Room App

Clubhouse Clone Script Development | White-Label Chat Room App

Join the chat room to develop a white-label Clubhouse clone app, an invite-only audio-based social media app taking the stage today.

Like any other industry, social media is also branching out itself in different forms. The Clubhouse is becoming a new sensation in social media. The Clubhouse is an invite-only audio-based social media platform that allows the users to join in only if they are invited. What is so remarkable about this app is that, unlike any other social media platforms, it gives its users a whole new experience of sharing their voice instead of posting videos or any other written content. Clubhouse clone provides to serve a larger audience, that allows every user to get an opportunity to relish this audio-based social-media platform. Clubhouse clone app allows users to create a room to start a conversation on a topic they are interested in or join in an existing virtual room and participate in the debate or discussion in real-time. The conversation between the users, i.e. Audio chats, are not recorded or saved, providing privacy.

Furthermore, you can add more enticing features to your Clubhouse clone to stand apart from other apps. You can add features such as, Hallways to display the meeting rooms posted by the people Rooms the user can create to discuss or have a debate on the topic of their choice Reminder to remind the user about the upcoming meeting they wanted to join Invites displaying the number of invites the user gets considering his/her hosting or speaking skills Notifications can let the user get notified if any of his connections get on stage to speak in a room or if someone follows the user.

TurnkeyTown has a new-gen team updated with the latest technology and methodology to help you with the chat room app development. Our experienced developer team offer you a White-label Clubhouse clone script that can be extensively customized to match your business requirements. We offer high-end apps at a reasonable price. So, why wait when you have found the solution! Create an app with us and be the leader of the social media market.

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