Top 10 Node.js Security Best Practices - Solace Infotech Pvt Ltd

Top 10 Node.js Security Best Practices - Solace Infotech Pvt Ltd

Know the 10 best node.js security best practices. How to avoid security issues in node.js apps development? Solutions of node.js security issues.

Node.js is a Javascript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 Javascript engine. It is widely used for building scalable and lightweight network-driven applications. It can be scaled up easily horizontally as well as vertically. Apps development with Node.js are used for both client-side and server-side apps. It has an open-source Javascript runtime environment/ model which provides caching of single modules. Similar to the other programming languages or frameworks, node.js is susceptible to each type of web app exposure. Though the Node.js is secure, third-party packages may require more security standards to protect your app. According to the study, 14% of NPM ecosystem is impacted and 54% of the NPM ecosystem is about to be impacted indirectly. Here we’ll see the top 10 best practices for node.js security. But before going to the security best practices, let see, why do node.js projects have security issues?

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Why Do Node.js Projects Have Security Issues? Open-source apps derive licensing and security risks from their open-source elements. Also, the security detecting tools like static and dynamic code assessment cannot detect open-source exposures efficiently.

To detect open-source elements in Node.js, you need to assess the NPM index files which explain the dependencies. All things considered, these index files don’t incorporate reused open-source elements. Some of the time, open-source community open-source projects to lower time-to-market, speed-up development and add functionality. As a result, developers can launch code snippets, functions and techniques into files. Also lots of node.js web development projects include licensing terms other than real Node.js license.

Top 10 Node.js Security Risks And Solution Practices-

Node.js security issues can show you vulnerabilities like code injection and advanced constant threats. Let us see a list of Node.js security risks that may cause these vulnerabilities and its possible solution practices.

1. Validate User Input To Limit SQL Injections And XSS Attacks-

Cross-site scripting or XSS lets hackers to infect vulnerable client-side scripts into website pages viewed by various users. Vulnerable client-side scripts can cause data breaches. Also the hacker can use Javascript code. Reason for this is not validating input from users. So, whatever users type in the search field, if doesn’t discovered in the database, it will be sent back to them in the same old form. So, if a hacker puts JS code instead of the product name in the search bar, he can execute a similar JS code.

Solution- One can validate user input. To prevent XSS attacks in Node.js, one can use output encoding methods or tools like Jade engine with in-built encoding frameworks. You can also opt for, XSS-filters or Validatorjs for this.

2. Implement Strong Authentication-

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