5 DevOps Practices to Improve Application Reliability

5 DevOps Practices to Improve Application Reliability

5 devops practices to improve application reliability. Furthermore, as devops teams enable more frequent deployments using CI/CD and infrastructure as code (IaC) automations, the likelihood that changes will cause disruptions increases.

How to use monitoring and observability to resolve application performance problems before they impact users and the business.

When developers deploy a new release of an application or microservice to production, how does IT operations know whether it performs outside of defined service levels? Can they proactively recognize that there are issues and address them before they turn into business-impacting incidents?

And when incidents impact performance, stability, and reliability, can they quickly determine the root cause and resolve issues with minimal business impact? 

Taking this one step further, can IT ops automate some of the tasks used to respond to these conditions rather than having someone in IT support perform the remediation steps?

And what about the data management and analytics services that run on public and private clouds? How does IT ops receive alerts, review incident details, and resolve issues from data integrations, dataops, data lakes, etc., as well as the machine learning models and data visualizations that data scientists deploy?

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