Learn to Write Better Code in Our Python Advanced Functions Course

Learn to Write Better Code in Our Python Advanced Functions Course

Learning to write better code — code that's readable, maintainable, and debuggable — is a crucial skill for being an effective part of a data science team.

Writing better code isn’t always front-of-mind when it comes to learning data science — we’re often more concerned with just getting the code to work, and making sure the analysis is sound.

But to work as part of an effective data science team, you’ve got to be able to write code that’s readable, maintainable, testable, and debuggable, not just code that’s functional.

That’s why we’re happy to announce we’ve just launched a new course in our Python Data Scientist path called Functions: Advanced.

It’s an in-depth Python functions course that’s designed to show you how to write better code using functional programming. If you’re working in data — or aspire to work in data — this course covers critical skills for making your code easier to read, maintain, test, and debug.

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