WordPress 5.6.2 Update is Largely Successful

WordPress 5.6.2 Update is Largely Successful

WordPress 5.6.2 update safely rolls out with a fix for a bug introduced by the previous update. Publishers are encouraged to update. Aside from an issue affecting Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg plugin, the update is largely successful, publishers are encouraged to update.

WordPress 5.6.2

WP 5.6.2 is called a Maintenance Update. A maintenance update is one that is meant to fix bugs introduced by a previous update. Because a maintenance update fixes problems, it is generally recommended that publishers update their WordPress to the latest version.

Bug Fixes

The latest update fixes a problem introduced with version 5.6.1. That issue was called the “[Leave site? Changes you made may not be saved] ” bug.

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The Plesk WordPress Toolkit 5.2 is Now Available

The Plesk WordPress Toolkit 5.2 is now publicly available! This release focuses on catching up on popular customer requests and fixing various nagging issues. The 5.2 update has something for everyone, so let’s take a look at what’s new!

Top Features of WordPress 5.6

Are you looking to upgrade to WordPress 5.6? This blog provides the latest features of the new version WordPress 5.6. Partner with a WordPres development company to leverage new features.

WordPress 5.6 Feature Removed For Subpar Experience

An important feature of WordPress 5.6 was removed because it was nowhere near ready. Opens the door for progress on a bigger feature. The WordPress 5.6 Widgets Screen will be moved back to version 5.7, according to WordPress. This is because WordPress wanted to remove the navigation screen in order to concentrate on the widget screen.

WordPress 5.6: The Good, the Meh and the Ugly

WordPress 5.6 is largely a success. There’s much that is so right with it. While it’s not a major advance it does have incremental improvements into site design functionality and improvements to functionality.

WordPress 5.6 May Break Sites

If you’re currently using the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin and when logged into your admin panel you see error messages, then yes, you may experience unexpected website behavior when WordPress updates to version 5.6.