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How to Support CPython Extension Module for Flit

This is a PEP 517 build backend piggybacking (and hacking) Flit to support building C extensions.

Mostly a proof-of-concept, but could be further developed into something more generally useful if Flit can better support hooking into the build system.


  • Can build C extensions.
  • Does not require a user to pre-install a compiler.
  • Very good caching; incremental compilation performs much better than setuptools from my totally non-scientific observation.
  • Produces a wheel with appropriate-ish tag for distribution.


  • Since Flit only supports one single top-level Python module/package, and enforces the existence of that file/directory, this can only build extensions as a submodule of a package right now.
  • Since Flit's automatic metadata introspection (read version and description from module) needs to import the top-level module/package, you either need to jump through some hooks to make those work without the extension being available, or only write metadata in pyproject.toml.
  • Slower "cold" compilation time compared to setuptools and platform-provided compilers.
  • Does not allow custom compiler flags (possible to implement).
  • Only handles C for now. I believe it's possible to support C++ (and Zig).
  • Probably more, setuptools has so many years behind it and can therefore cover many edge cases I've never dreamt of.


  • Compiles extension modules directly into the top-level Python package. This makes it possible to run the extension "in-place" without installing, which I find useful. But it makes the source tree a bit messy (you probably need to run git clean once in a while to keep things sane).


There's a minimal example in examples/demo that has all the needed parts.

requires = ["zlig"]
build-backend = "zlig"

# ... Project metadata declaration.

# Exclude extension modules from sdist.
exclude = ["src/demo/*.so"]

# Declare extensions and its sources.
extensions = [{name = "demo.demo", sources = ["src/**/*.c"]}]

Add the following entries to your .gitignore:

# Flit builds things to /dist so add it too.
# Also *.pyd and *.so files but you should've already ignored them.


As a PEP 517 backend, this module simply bridges most of Flit's build API, but re-implements build_wheel to do some additional things:

  • Compile extension modules before handing the package to Flit, which would add all the files (including compiled extensions) into the wheel.
  • When adding a file to the wheel, first check whether the file is an extension's source and exclude it.
  • Override Flit's logic deciding a wheel's file name to use a platform-specific wheel tag instead.

Compilation magic is provided by Zig's build system. A working Zig compiler is installed as a PEP 517 build dependency. During compilation, the backend generates a build script (build.zig) from pyproject.toml, and call the Zig compiler to do the rest. After compilation, those binaries are copied to the location Flit expects to fine modules.

Download Details:

Author: uranusjr
Download Link: Download The Source Code
Official Website: https://github.com/uranusjr/zlig 
License: MIT License

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How to Support CPython Extension Module for Flit
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