Getting Started with Three.js

Getting Started with Three.js

Getting Started with Three.js. Three.js is a JavaScript library(or a Application Programming Interface) which we can use to create 3D animated graphics and display it in the web browsers.

Being locked in for almost a year now, I’ve had a lot more free time to mess around with things I otherwise could not commit to or had no interest in.

Never in my mind did I imagine I’d be interested in drawing, photography, or basketball, and yet I got into all three of those last year. I’m not even going to say that year anymore; you know what I’m talking about…

Anyways, among the many things I’ve been spending my free time with is ThreeJS. ThreeJS is a JavaScript library which allows you to implement realtime 3D rendering in your browser. Before we move forward though, let’s go over a brief background. Of course, feel free to skip on over to the Let’s Get Started section if you want to dive right into ThreeJS.

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