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Oracle Database SQL Exam

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DumpsIT provides its Oracle Database 12c 1Z0-071 test questions answers learning resources in easy formats, 1Z0-071 braindumps pdf files, and 1Z0-071 practice test software. This is to enable you to prepare thoroughly for your Oracle Database 12c 1Z0-071 Oracle Database SQL exam.

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Oracle Database 12c 1Z0-071 test Q&A practice material (1Z0-071 dumps Pdf format files) is easily accessible on any of your devices like your personal computer, laptop, Mac book, tablet, and mobile phone, hence preparing for the 1Z0-071 Oracle Database SQL exam is easier and can be done anywhere at any time. Additionally, the 1Z0-071 exam questions braindumps pdf files also have actual Oracle Database 12c 1Z0-071 exam questions and their answers to ensure your Oracle Database SQL 1Z0-071 exam questions learning is made easy.

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The 1Z0-071 practice test software is an additional DumpsIT' product that provides valid Oracle Database 12c 1Z0-071 questions from 1Z0-071 exam enabling you to prepare for the 1Z0-071 exam in an exam-like environment. This will help boost your confidence when you are giving the 1Z0-071 Oracle Database SQL actual exam. The 1Z0-071 practice test software also aids in avoiding mistakes as with this software you can view the 1Z0-071 exam history and also get an oracle Database SQL 1Z0-071 Q&A progress report. "Practice makes perfect" and with you can practice all the Oracle Database SQL 1Z0-071 questions answers to ensure a perfect 1Z0-071 exam result.

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The 1Z0-071 Q&A practice material provided by DumpsIT is equipped with real questions of the Oracle Database 12c 1Z0-071 exam to assist you in the preparation of the 1Z0-071 questions and answers exam. An answer-key is also provided to aid you in understanding the method to answer the Oracle Database 12c 1Z0-071 exam questions. The 1Z0-071 exam dumps pdf learning material is made to cater to your requirements as per subjects and has also been verified by Oracle Database 12c experts. Therefore, the Oracle Database 12c 1Z0-071 braindumps study material provided by DumpsIT is sufficient to help you prepare well for the 1Z0-071 Oracle Database SQL exam.

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Introduction to Structured Query Language SQL pdf

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL is a scripting language expected to store, control, and inquiry information put away in social databases. The main manifestation of SQL showed up in 1974, when a gathering in IBM built up the principal model of a social database. The primary business social database was discharged by Relational Software later turning out to be Oracle.

Models for SQL exist. In any case, the SQL that can be utilized on every last one of the major RDBMS today is in various flavors. This is because of two reasons:

1. The SQL order standard is genuinely intricate, and it isn’t handy to actualize the whole standard.

2. Every database seller needs an approach to separate its item from others.

Right now, contrasts are noted where fitting.

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Ruth Nabimanya


List of Available Database for Current User In SQL Server


When working in the SQL Server, we may have to check some other databases other than the current one which we are working. In that scenario we may not be sure that does we have access to those Databases?. In this article we discuss the list of databases that are available for the current logged user in SQL Server

Get the list of database

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Ruth Nabimanya


System Databases in SQL Server


In SSMS, we many of may noticed System Databases under the Database Folder. But how many of us knows its purpose?. In this article lets discuss about the System Databases in SQL Server.

System Database

Fig. 1 System Databases

There are five system databases, these databases are created while installing SQL Server.

  • Master
  • Model
  • MSDB
  • Tempdb
  • Resource
  • This database contains all the System level Information in SQL Server. The Information in form of Meta data.
  • Because of this master database, we are able to access the SQL Server (On premise SQL Server)
  • This database is used as a template for new databases.
  • Whenever a new database is created, initially a copy of model database is what created as new database.
  • This database is where a service called SQL Server Agent stores its data.
  • SQL server Agent is in charge of automation, which includes entities such as jobs, schedules, and alerts.
  • The Tempdb is where SQL Server stores temporary data such as work tables, sort space, row versioning information and etc.
  • User can create their own version of temporary tables and those are stored in Tempdb.
  • But this database is destroyed and recreated every time when we restart the instance of SQL Server.
  • The resource database is a hidden, read only database that holds the definitions of all system objects.
  • When we query system object in a database, they appear to reside in the sys schema of the local database, but in actually their definitions reside in the resource db.

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3 Tips to Write SQL Queries That Are Easier to Read and Modify

There is no doubt that writing code is more art than science and every coder cannot write beautiful code which is both readable and maintainable, even with the experience. Yes, it’s blunt and hard but it’s mostly true.

In general, coding improves with experience but only when you learn the art of coding like favoring composition over inheritance or coding for interface than implementation, but, unfortunately only a few developers able to master these techniques.

The same applies to SQL queries. The way you structure your query, the way you write it goes a long way to communicate your intent to the fellow developer, DBA, and even yourself after a few months.

Whenever I see SQL queries on emails from different developers, I can see the stark difference in their writing style. Some developers and DBAs write it so neatly and indent their query such that you can easily spot key details like which columns you are extracting, and from which table, and what are joining or filtering conditions.

Since in real-life projects, SQL queries are hardly one-liner, learning the right way to write complex SQL queries makes a lot of difference; especially when you share that query to someone for review or execution. It also helps when you read it yourself later as I said, after a few months.

The problem is there are many books and courses to teach you SQL like what is a table, different SQL commands but there are very few (like The Complete SQL Bootcamp by Josh Portilla) which focus on writing proper SQL queries.

In this article, I am going to show you a couple of styles which I have tried in the past, their pros and cons and what I think is the best way to write SQL queries.

Unless you have a good reason not to use my style e.g. you have a better style or you want to stick with the style used in your project (consistency overrules everything) there is no reason not to use it.

By the way, I expect that you are familiar with SQL and definitely know how to write queries. I expect that you have used different SQL clauses like SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and understand their meaning in a SQL query. If you are not, it’s better you gain some experience with SQL by joining some of my recommended courses like:

Learn SQL by CodeCademy
Introduction to SQL by Jon Flanders
The Complete SQL Bootcamp by Josh Portilla, a Data Scientist, on Udemy or
SQL for Newbs: Data Analysis for Beginners by David Kim and Peter Sefton’s course on Udemy.
They all are great courses and teach you SQL basics, but, if you need some free alternatives you can also check out this list of free SQL courses for programmers and developers.

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Luna Mosciski


Exploring PL/SQL Nested Tables in Oracle

In this tutorial, you will learn how to declare and initialize Oracle PL/SQL collections (Nested Tables).

Oracle PL/SQL – Nested tables

Nested tables are very similar to the PL/SQL tables, which are known in Oracle as index-by tables. Nested tables extend the functionality of index-by table by adding extra collection methods (known as table attributes for index-by tables) and by adding the ability to store nested tables within a database table, which is why they are called nested tables.

Nested tables can also be manipulated directly using SQL, and have additional predefined exceptions available.

Other than these extra features, the basic functionality of a nested table is the same as a PL/SQL table. A nested table can be thought as off as a database table with two columns-key and value. Like index-tables, nested tables can be sparse, and the keys do not have to be sequential.

Declaring a Nested Table

The syntax for creating a nested table type i

TYPE table_name is TABLE OF table_type [NOT NULL];

where table_nameis the name of the new type, and table_type is the type of each element in the nested table. Table_type can be a built-in type, a user-defined object type, or an expression using % TYPE.


The only syntactic difference between index-by tables and nested tables is the presence of the INDEX BY BINARY_INTEGER clause. If this clause is not present, then the type is a nested table type. If this clause is present, then the type is an index-table type.

The following declarative section of code shows some valid table declarations:

--Define a table type based on an object type
TYPE t_ClassTab IS TABLE OF Classobj;

--A type based on%ROWTYPE
Type t_StudentsTab IS TABLE Of students%ROWTYPE;

--Variables of the above types
v_ClassList t_ClassesTab;
v_StudentList t_StudentsTab;

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