migrate power bi collection to power bi embeded

migrate power bi collection to power bi embeded

I tried to follow the article to migrate power bi collection to power bi embedded (<a href="https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-bi/developer/migrate-from-powerbi-embedded" target="_blank">msdn article here</a>). However, I got stuck very quickly.

I tried to follow the article to migrate power bi collection to power bi embedded (msdn article here). However, I got stuck very quickly.

For example, in our app, we use these nuget packages (Microsoft.PowerBI.Api and powerbi.core), and these are some of our usages:

client.Reports.GetReportsAsync(this.workspaceCollection, this.workspaceId)

client.Reports.DeleteReportAsync(this.workspaceCollection, this.workspaceId, report.Id);

client.Imports.PostImportFileWithHttpMessage(this.workspaceCollection,this.workspaceId,File.OpenRead(localPath), "Main Report");

client.Datasets.GetGatewayDatasourcesAsync(workspaceCollection, workspaceId, dataset.Id);

client.Gateways.PatchDatasourceAsync(workspaceCollection,workspaceId,datasources.Value[0].GatewayId,datasources.Value[0].Id, delta);

client.Datasets.GetDatasetsAsync(workspaceCollection, workspaceId);

I can download all reports and move to power BI embedded, but as workspace collection will be retired, will we still be able to use above methods? If not, are there any alternative functions to use?


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