How to Connect HTML Form with MySQL Database using PHP - Server Side Form Validation

How to Connect HTML Form with MySQL Database using PHP - Server Side Form Validation

Source code Link : this video you will learn How to store form data into ... Source code Link :​ In this video you will learn How to store form data into database. First of all to send the form data into the database we need a server side programming language which will take form data and that programming language will make a connection with our database after that we will use sql insert query to store the form data into the database. We will use php as the server side programming language and MySQL as a database To Send The form data to server side php file we have to specify php file name inside the form tag using the action attribute so this php file will execute when we submit this form.

We have two different method to send the data to server GET or POST. POST method is a more secure way to send data to the server side

In php to get the data which is send from client side we have to use appropriate global variable if client send data using post method then we have to use $_POST if client has send using GET method then we have to use $_GET variable to get that data

after getting the data at server side We have to do a Connection with the database. PHP provide the Full support and method to do MySQL database connection in php

Prepare method save your query from sql injection

prepare method provide the binding mechanism to bind the data at run time not at compile time


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