Is Redux Dead?

Is Redux Dead?

We’ll discuss the reasons behind the rise of Redux, and what has changed in the last couple of years - both in React and in Redux. Let's learn Is Redux Dead?

React revolutionized front end development as most people knew it when it was first released. This new approach to writing code triggered incredible innovation in how to handle state changes and UI updates.

This revolution had its downsides, too. One of them was a culture of over-engineering solutions to challenges that could be solved in simpler ways. A typical example of this is how state has been managed in React applications.

Redux has become a hallmark of many React applications created in the last couple of years. The allure of having a single state object, available everywhere in your application sure sounds nice. But has its time passed? Has React evolved to a point where these kinds of state management tools add more complexity than they solve?

This article aims to give you a deeper understanding of which situations warrants state management tools like Redux. We’ll discuss the reasons behind the rise of Redux, and what has changed in the last couple of years - both in React and in Redux. Finally, we’ll look into what might be coming in the future.


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