What I Learned About Myself In a C-Suite Job

What I Learned About Myself In a C-Suite Job

Nothing illuminates strengths and weaknesses like a high-pressure role

But a CEO I knew created an appealing new position and asked me to fill it. My ego was stroked, my spouse was itching for a change of scenery at that time, and I thought, “Why the hell not?.” I accepted. Because I’d never imagined myself as a chief of anything, I’d not spent much time pondering what executive life might be like. I had been a consultant for most of my career and didn’t have much experience working “in house” generally. Certainly not in house in a senior-leader capacity. It was sure to be a change. So no surprise, when the job began, the learnings came fast and furious. My brain was quickly filled with useful, fun, occasionally overwhelming stuff about how to run a business. I’m forever grateful for those lessons. They’ll be useful for the rest of my career. But maybe more interesting — and humbling — was what I learned about myself. Being thrust into a C-suite job afforded me fascinating opportunities to see more clearly than before what I’m good at, what I’m not, what I like, what I don’t, and what I fear. For those who aspire to or already work in the executive suite, there are useful lessons in what I discovered. What I Learned About Myself In a C-Suite Job 1.I’m severely prone to imposter syndrome. 2.I have a high need to trust 3.I really, really love the people part of leadership 4. I wildly underestimated the value of soft skills 5. The transition from doer to exec is challenging 6. I have a huge independent streak

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