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React Hooks Tutorial for Beginners: Learn useEffect Hook

Hooks were introduced in React version 16.8. In this React Hooks tutorial, we are specifically going to learn about the React Hook, the useEffect. Let’s dive in and get started with the next hook, useEffect. React Hooks – What is it trying to solve? Hooks solves the problem of code reuse across components. In React, you can soon end up with complex components with stateful logic. It is not easy to break these components because within the class you are dependent on the React Lifecycle Methods

React hooks - Giới thiệu tổng quát về Hooks

React hooks ra đời đã giúp functional component trở nên powerful hơn bao giờ hết! 😍Trước đây khi cần dùng đến các tính năng của React như state, life cycle thì mình bắt buộc phải dùng class component. Nhưng giờ thì đã khác, có hooks, functional component như hổ mọc thêm cánh, có thể xử lý được state, life cycle và những thứ khác của React một cách êm đềm.

React Hooks Tutorial for Beginners: Getting Started With React Hooks

React hooks tutorial for beginners, learn React hooks step by step: Introduction, useState Hook, useState with previous state, useState with object, useState with array, useEffect Hook, useEffect after render, Conditionally run effects, Run effects only once, useEffect with cleanup, useEffect with incorrect dependency, Fetching data with useEffect, useContext Hook, useReducer Hook, useReducer, Multiple useReducers, useReducer with useContext, Fetching data with useReducer, useState vs useReducer, useCallback Hook, useMemo Hook, useRef Hook

Hooks, Hooks, Hooks!

Hooks are functions, provided by React (and completely opt-in, not required), that allows you to “hook into” React features from functional components. So you can continue to use functional components, which are inherently simpler and less bloated, and access state.