My Fun AI Project - How To Be Invisible?

My Fun AI Project - How To Be Invisible?

My Fun AI Project - How To Be Invisible? Invisible using OpenCV - A Fun project based on computer vision implemented in Python demonstrating how to be hidden in video

Most of you must have heard about the Harry Potter series. In that series, Harry potter used an invisibility cloak, that makes him invisible…! Are you wondering how they made invisible cloaks…..? That’s not as tough as rocket science to build this invisibility cloak. By using simple techniques in the OpenCV we can implement this invisible cloak. This concept is similar to the green mat used in movie shootings. After shooting, they add graphics in the place of a green mat to give the output.

In this implementation, we will learn how to create our own ‘Invisibility Cloak’ using simple computer vision techniques in OpenCV. Here we are using OpenCV because it provides the best-inbuilt libraries to implement this in a few steps.

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