Git-Digital Signature

Git-Digital Signature

Git-Digital Signature. A digital signature in concept is pretty simple. All our git commits works based on the username and email id configured in the .gitconfig or .git/config. Digital signatures in git. You can configure Git to use it for signing things by setting the user.

work so hard one day your signature will be called an autograph !

All our git commits works based on the username and email id configured in the ._gitconfig_or_.git/config_global or local configuration file using the below commands without configuring git won’t allow any commits.

$ git config --global username
$ git config --global [email protected]
## check all your global configuration using below commands.
$ vi ~/.gitconfig

$ git config --local username
$ git config --local [email protected]
## check all your local configuration using below commands.
$ vi your-git-repo/.git/config

whenever we commit username and email recorded as part of the git commit. There is a way to override configured username and email while committing, which means it allows to use of anybody's username and email without getting permission from the user. Finally, if the user exists in GitHub their profile linked with the commit in the GUI, but on the profile page, no contribution activity recorded.

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