Create a Simple Autocomplete With Elasticsearch

Create a Simple Autocomplete With Elasticsearch

How to create a simple autocomplete with Elasticsearch using text field data type and standard analyzer

Autocomplete is a feature to predict the rest of a word a user is typing. It is an important feature to implement that can improve the user’s experience of your product.

Creating an autocomplete might sound daunting at first if you’ve never created one. But with the help of the features in Elasticsearch, it’s actually a simple thing to do.

Things You Should Know

If you have little knowledge of Elasticsearch, I suggest that you read my other articles first. We do not require this, but knowing how an analyzer and a text field work definitely will help you understand this article.

The article “Basics of Elasticsearch for Developer”will introduce you to Elasticsearch. The article “Elasticsearch: Text vs. Keyword”will teach you the difference between text and keyword in Elasticsearch and also will explain how Elasticsearch’s analyzer works.

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