How to create an app as a Tinder?

How to create an app as a Tinder?

At first glance, web apps are nothing more than the website evolution stage. But, no matter how blurred the boundary between a website and a web app is, the second one is harder to establish and is more costly in development than the first one. At...

We are living in a world of technology! It is taking over our world, we live in an age where most, if not all of us use technological devices all day, every day. It has affected a persons life a lot. There are many advantages and disadvantages to this situation, but lets talk about relationships. The number of people who prefer to search for a partner in social networks or on other Internet platforms is growing every second. So this is not strange that the number of apps, chats, sites of a dating background has become extremely popular these days. If you decide to join and create your dating app too, you should know that there is a lot of competition in this area, so I recommend you to pay attention to one of the brightest representatives of such services - Tinder app.

Algorithms That Made Tinder Success

You are of course wondering exactly what features made this application so popular! Of course, I will be glad to clarify it for you! First of all, Tinder functionality is really simple for users. it lies in swiping right and left for liking or skipping a particular person respectively. In case the other person returns the affection, Tinder creates a match. After that, you proceed to direct communication with the partner and understand whether it is interesting for you to continue communication with him. Another advantage is that Tinder is open for integration with Instagram and Facebook accounts, so users can see whether they have common friends, common interests and favorite places. You also can integrate Instagram photos into the Tinder profile. Yes, Tinder functionality may seem very simple at first glance, it hides a lot of algorithms invisible to users. If you still think to create an app similar to Tinder, you should remember the following details: A specific algorithm must be in charge to define who, when, and to whom should be shown to create a match in applications like Tinder. A mix of attractive and unattractive people and show to different users with a unique frequency. The developer's task is to structure the profiles into different groups so each user sees people in a different order. The backend can be made using PHP, .NET, Java, Python or other server technologies. Yy should be very careful when choosing a Tinder server application developer if you want it to be successful!

Tinder Features and Technologies Used

The Tinder has a lot of other functions, which make this app even more unique and you should know that its implementation requires a certain amount of time and money. Let's check some of them:

Authorization and user profile For authorization in Tinder, you can use a Facebook account. It is usually implemented via an open authorizations protocol, like OAuth. The app does not remember the login and password of the social media account. So relax. An alternative way to log in is to use a phone number. To create your own app, you can use any of the existing types of user authorization. It`ll be easier. Also, Tinder allows creating a Web profile so that it could be found even by the users beyond the application.

App settings and notifications Of course, Tinder worries about its users and allows you to make the appropriate settings for ease of use. You can enable or disable notifications for creating new matches, receiving messages, likes, super likes. You can also select your preferred unit of measurement for displaying distance (km or mi). Also, it has specific settings, like enable/disable discovery (others could or could not find you), choose to show men, women, or both, specify the search distance, etc. So, when you make an app like Tinder, ensure users get notified properly. So keep that in mind.

Geolocation and Communication As you know, geolocation is the basis of the application. To integrate the geolocation into your Tinder-like app Use Google/Apple Locations and Maps services. For Android, you are going to employ the classes of android.location package and the MapView class, for iOS - the CLLocationManager Class and Map Kit framework.

Monetization: In-app purchases Users can buy a paid subscription and get more functions on Tinder. In-app purchase is integrated via the In-app Billing API for Android applications and Store Kit framework for iOS ones.

How much does it cost to create Tinder apps?

This question is one of the main ones. Everyone wants to know what is the cost of such a dating-app. All features require a certain time for development. So take a look: Authorization - 22 hours GPS location - 7 hours Settings - 60 hours User profile - 85 hours Matching functionality - 90 hours Notifications - 25 hours Communication - 125 hours 3rd party services integration - 30 hours Of course, these are approximate numbers. Unfortunately, no one can know the exact time. Remember, that quality assurance time should be calculated additionally and it`s isn't included in this estimation.


You see how much time we spend on mobile communications today, that’s why the creation of a reliable application for communicating with strangers is becoming more important than ever before. It will give positive emotions and a feeling of happiness not only to people who can find a partner for their lives but for you as well. Because you will give them these emotions. I have provided you with all the needed information about building a new dating-app. I will be glad if you will remember my tips, invest time and money in this business. Remember that your app must be something unique, and of course ideal in a technical way. Then you will succeed. Now make it happen!

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